Local Services

We rely on local OEM trained engineers to deliver accurate diagnostics, and next day delivery of parts from our Atlanta, Goodlettsville and Lisbon warehouses.

Our specialty is service on GE, Siemens, and Philips CT and MRI equipment.

Our Full Service Contracts guarantee one of the highest uptime in the industry. DSI is also sensitive to customer's workflow and accommodates high throughput healthcare facilities by flexing its maintenance schedule and working after-hours.

Our Time and Material Contracts provide our customers with the flexibility that they need.

Call us to enquire about our Full Service Maintenance contracts and competitive labor rates in the South East USA and Western Europe.

Local services

Global Services

DSI Services brings decades of experience with GE, Siemens and Philips Diagnostic Imaging products to a number of markets in Latin America, Asia and Europe. We are committed to delivering service locally and have developed partnerships in a number of markets to offer competitive response-times and customized solutions.

Call us to discuss what DSI can do in your area.

Global services