Turnkey Medical Equipment Projects

We offer re-manufactured high-end equipment with 12 months full warranty. Our product line includes General Electric, Siemens, and Philips. DSI has completed a number of Turnkey projects in the Caribbean islands, Asia, Central and South America. We guarantee the quality of our systems by controlling the de-installation, Re-manufacturing, installation, and long-term technical support through local service solutions. Please contact us to enquire about our equipment and service capabilities in your region.


Computed Tomography



Magnetic Resonance Imaging




Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray

Equipment Removal, Transport and Storage

We provide MRI and CT removal Transport and Storage out of our Atlanta and Lisbon facilities. Please contact us to enquire about scheduling and pricing.

DSI can also store medical equipment (including cold superconductive magnets) and offers inspection and staging services for your MRI or CT.