Global and Local ServicesQuality Spare PartsMedical Equip,ent Turnkey Support

At Digit Systems International we are committed to providing you with expert turnkey solutions, experienced parts sourcing and repairs and round the clock local and global support services for all your medical equipment needs.

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Quality & Affordable Parts

DSI carries an extensive inventory at our Atlanta and Goodlettsville facilities. Our team follows a rigorous validation process to consistently guarantee high quality parts. In most cases, parts are shipped the same day..

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Turnkey Medical Equipment

Our specialized equipment team provides refurbishment, planning, transport, installation and maintenance solutions in North and Latin American markets. Call us to get a quote on a Turnkey equipment project.

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Global & Local Services

Our qualified engineers provide timely and exceptional service to our local and global customers. We pride ourselves for working with integrity while optimizing our solutions to minimize cost and downtime.

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